About Us

So a guy walked into a golf store…
He thought he needed a new putter but we replaced his grip instead. That’s how we work at Golf Central. One customer at a time. Figuring out what you really need. We’re happy to sell you new stuff but if we can repair or refurbish what’s currently in your bag, we’re just as happy. Our history and reputation have been built by paying attention to your unique requirements and we won’t ever sell you something you don’t want or need.
Honest opinions matter, and we’ll give you ours.
Our committed and knowledgeable staff have worked hard to build our good reputation. We’re proud to have so many satisfied repeat customers. Customer service and satisfaction is, and always has been, our Number 1 goal.
Our Mission
We go out of our way to make our customers happy and solve their golf-related problems, from shoelaces to umbrella holders to a new set of irons. We take great delight in helping and we also hope to entertain you and give you a fun-filled experience along the way.
Our Values
We pride ourselves in doing business the right way. Good, honest advice, mixed with knowledge & expertise, topped off with the desire to make every customer's visit a positive experience.